Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

Balance In Body And Mind – The Practice Of Yoga

More and more people come to understand the body’s own incredible potential for self -healing through yoga practice. The body is a miracle of bio-engineering, able to heal wounds, mend bones, fight infection, restore depleted energy, and resist all kinds of viruses.
The most immediately apparent way in which the practice of yoga asanas helps the body is in improving the flexibility and mobility of the spine and joints. Yoga asanas have proved to be a totally safe form of exercise.

The word asana translates as ” posture ” from the Sanskrit,, which means ” to stay,” ”to be,” ” to sit.” Asanas are the physical exercises that were developed alongside the whole philosophy of yoga in order to keep the body healthy and strong.
As their name suggests, to bring about the more balanced state of mind that comes from giving time just to be. The practice of asanas is the aspect that most yoga – minded people in the West are interested in. And they have proved to be a remarkably effective antidote to the stress of high-octane Western lifestyle.

The Spirit Of Yoga

Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

Yoga is as old as humanity and has been practiced in body and mind for thousands of years as a gentle yet effective way of attaining energy, endurance, stillness and balance.
Though it emerged thousands of years ago on the Indian subcontinent, more and more people in the west are turning to yoga as a way to cope with the pressures and strains of modern life.
Few countries can match the scale and diversity of India and no other country has its religion so intertwined with every aspect of life.

Indian philosophy concentrates largely on man’s spiritual destiny, which is why it is so bound up with Indian religion, often blurring the boundaries between the religion, particularly between Hinduism and Buddhism.
In thousand of years of Indian scriptures passed down over the centuries there are many references to yoga as a path toward the truth.

Schools, ashrams, and centers of yoga have proliferated all over the Western world since the start of the twentieth century. Teachers have developed techniques and changed emphasis, and then given names to their “new” methods. Today there are so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. The term “yoga” is now applied to many forms of asceticism, meditation, and spiritual training but originally it originated from southern India as a practice whose aim was to avoid the karmic cycle of cause and effect and achieve higher consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation

The Beatles found themselves transformed by their meeting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who, forty-eight years ago, taught them to practice transcendental meditation. He opened their eyes to new ways of perception.
Transcendental Meditation movement, which teaches a technique now practiced by millions of people all over the world. It is promoted as the simplest and most effective technique for gaining deep relaxation, inner happiness, and fulfillment.
And indeed the technique appears to have been validated by research, which includes studies into improved health, cognitive performance,and even reduction in crime rates related to the practice of transcendental meditation.

The Big And The Small

What are the microcosmos and what is the macrocosmos? Those are really relative terms. They are intended to express a relationship and in various situations, they may be different things. e.g. when we are talking about our bodies, it is our physical selves that are the macrocosmos, while our individual cells are the microcosmos.

When we are talking about the world at large, our bodies are the microcosmos and the earth is the macrocosmos. The little body and the big body.

On an even grander scale, when we talk about the universe, the earth is the microcosmos, and everything else out there is part of the macrocosmos.

When we consider only the microcosmos of the self, and listen only to the urge that occur there – such as desire for food, sex, sleep, and entertainment – we often forget about how we each of the choices we make influences the world around us.

It is necessary to be mindful that we each come equipped with two natural urges. Preserving the self and preserving everything that the self is related to.
These must not be separated. In order to sustain the life of the individual, we must sustain the larger body, the Earth. This is a very basic, but often overlooked, principle of biology called inter dependency.

Color In Therapy

Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

Color is a phenomenon that surrounds as and is often taken for granted. It is displayed in full glory while the wonder and awe of the rainbow–inspiring sight of the polar lights, known as the aurora borealis–are displayed in total glory. Colors are a visible part of what is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

The rediscovery of color used as a therapy is still in its infancy. Historical research shows that it was practiced in many cultures. The Atlantans [inhabits of the vanished continent Atlantis] are believed to have build healing temples whose domed ceilings were made of interlocking crystals that dissipated the light into the color spectrum. These colors were used to treat disease, childbirth, heal relationships and assist the soul in its transition from this life to the next.

Egyptians had individuals healing rooms in there temples build in such a way that each one attracted individual rays of the spectrum. It is commonly believed that those who came for healing to the temple were first diagnosed with’ color’ and then put in the room where the prescribed color was radiating. Our ancestors, aware of how nature’s colors influenced them, understood how to absorb and use these for healing. All colors of the spectrum are compatible in hue–often used in therapy with the hue of the medication–and hold their own specific therapeutic properties.

Affirmation and mantras

Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

Words are incredibly powerful. They are the link between thought and action. Expressing an idea loudly or on paper makes it much more concrete, more feasible. While meditation is mostly synonymous with sitting in silence, words go along with this practice. They are spoken in two forms, as affirmations of our intent before and or after meditation, and as mantras during meditation.

There are no right or wrong affirmation or mantras. Choosing the words for your meditation routine is a very personal matter. Your affirmation will have to do with your personal intent. Your mantra or mantras may also be related to your intent, or they may be given to you by a teacher. Whatever words you choose to utter, make sure they have the real meaning to you.

While they are both part of the same process, affirmations and mantras are distinct from each other. Affirmation is statements of what we mean to do and be. If you believe that you are your word, then stating that you are what you intend to be a simple link to becoming it. The language of affirmation is always positive and focuses on the end result rather than the process. Words like hope, wish, and want don’t belong in your affirmations. For example, if your intention is to lose weight, rather than ” I will lose weight,” or I hope to lose weight,” the affirmation should be: ” I am losing weight.” As you state your affirmations, you should also visualize the end result.

Mantras put simply, are phrases that help us to become conscious of the divinity within and around us. They can be very simple or very complex strings of words, in our own language or in another. It is important to know the meaning of your mantras. You should always infuse them with positive intent, for mantras are powerful. Their meanings are meant to awaken you to the miraculousness of live, and the powerful, divine life force that makes each of us a sacred entity within a larger sacred community.

There is also an aural, sensory component to your mantras. The sound vibrations you create as you chant a mantra are meant to be a part of your nurturing sensory experience during meditation. These vibrations also act as conductors for a positive flow of life energy, recharging of your batteries. You want to breathe deeply before you release your mantra from your lips, and then stretch out the phonetics very slowly so as to prolong the positive meaning and the sensory experience. Put your whole self into it. Hear it feel it. Through sense memory response your brain comes to associate those sound vibrations with their meaning and with pleasant experiences. Over time, just hearing yourself utter your mantras will help to bring you quickly to a meditative state.

Becoming Connected

Types of relaxation and health techniques for diabetes 2020

We must understand, as a global society, we must realize that achieving happiness and prosperity is a holistic process for most of us. It is one that needs changes in any aspect of our lifestyle, changes that include the regular practice of rituals that cultivate mind, body, and spirit.
For eons, the world’s oldest religions and the tribal people who practice them have accepted the influence of mind and spirit. For ages, they have practiced simple, holistic, natural wellness rituals as part of their daily everyday life. Their fitness and well-being is rooted in traditions, and knowledge passed from generation to generation. They knew that plants and herbs had an amazing healing ability and intellect.

Times are slowly changing here in the western world. Today, there’s a return of the world’s medical practices, global processes that rely heavily on natural plant and herb which are as follows:-
Remedies, including Ayurveda, Asian medicine, herbology, African, and Native American healing traditions, all of which utilize phytochemicals and herbs to balance the body. In addition, the medical establishment is exhibiting respect for ancient, “alternative ” healing practices, including meditation, prayer, yoga, massage, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and herbology. The powerful physiological and psychological effects of aromatherapy is being recognized by many as well.

We cannot live without plants, which exhale the oxygen we must inhale to live and provide vital materials for our food, medicine, and shelter. Plants cannot live in the modern world without our caring responsibly for the soil they grow in and the air that surrounds them. It’s an interdependence that we need to be recognized.
We need to preserve plants because they are nutrient carries from the soil; and we need to heal the soil so that those very plants can thrive. We need to protect all the elements that sustain life – the air, the water, the earth, and the sun.
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