How to spot Sinus Symptoms related to Infection, and what to do about it

What are Sinus Symptoms related to Infection?

How to spot Sinus Symptoms related to Infection, and what to do about it

It is very important to understand everything you can about Sinus Infections because if you have ever had a bad infection you know the extreme pain that this infection can cause. Very bad infections can make you feel like cutting your head off.

Sinus infections can keep you up at night pacing the floor, there is no way you can sleep through a bad one. The pain can be so intense that it can drive you crazy, literally. The worst pain I have ever had in my life is the pain from a bad sinus infection, don’t ignore the Sinus Infection Symptoms.

The worst one was in my left cheek, and you almost wanted to drill a hole into it to relieve the pressure. This is why it is so important to understand Sinus Infection Symptoms and head the infection off at the pass before it really sets in.

You do not want it to get underway, as it is a lot worse after the sinus infection goes for a while and is allowed to fester. Your sinuses are part of your body system for nasal air. The sinuses are air cavities located behind the cheeks and forehead. These air cavities are covered, on the inside, by membranes that are covered in very small hairs.

This air cavity system produces mucus daily. Most people do not notice the mucus because it is swallowed in small quantities throughout the day. In terms of Sinus Infection Symptoms, this mucus is important as it helps to clean the bacteria and other germs from the sinuses, membranes, and the small hairs that are on the membranes.

You do not want bacteria and germs to build up in your sinuses or on the associated membranes. Infection Symptoms can begin when clogging issues develop within this nasal air system and the membranes that are part of this system.

If the issue gets bad enough you will begin to feel the Sinus Infection Symptoms, and you will know something is amiss with your sinuses. Something just will not feel correct.

What are the first issues associated with Sinus issues?

If you begin to have issues with your sinuses usually what will happen first is inflammation will begin to develop within the membranes. This can cause a variety of issues, but at first, you may notice just some post nasal drip. If you blow your nose you may notice a discharge that all of a sudden breaks lose and is blown out of the nose.

This may be one of the Sinus Infection Symptoms that you begin to notice first. When this initial discharge is blown out you may wonder where it came from as your nose may not be plugged at all. What has happened is the discharge dropped suddenly from the sinus air cavity and was not necessarily in your nose itself.

If you continue to blow your nose, hard, some more may drop down out of the sinus air cavity. This could be a first, Sinus Infection Symptoms, cause for concern as something is going on up in your sinus air cavity, but your nose is not plugged like with a normal cold.

You may not ever have any normal cold or flu symptoms present when the infection takes hold. In fact, you may never feel anything in your nose, except when you blow it and suddenly a clump drops down from your sinus air cavity, and out it comes.

These clumps are usually thick and gooey as they have just come from the sinus cavity and are a sure sign that you need to evaluate your Sinus Infection Symptoms. Keep in mind that the main purpose of the sinus cavity, membranes, and the small hairs are to protect you from dirt, germs, and bacteria.

Usually, the sinus cavity system works very well, sometimes not. When a sinus infection gets underway you really need to identify the Infection Symptoms quickly so you can take the adequate steps and try to fight it off.

Usually what happens first is one of your sinus cavities becomes blocked for some reason. Once this blockage occurs the bacteria and viruses can take hold as the normal mucus drainage is no longer cleaning the sinus cavity adequately.

You will now begin to see Sinus Infection Symptoms as the condition continues to get worse and as long as the sinus blockage continues to occur. One of the obvious signs of a sinus infection is that your upper teeth will begin to hurt and ache for no reason.

If this happens you should probably go to the dentist and have your teeth checked to be sure of no dental issue. If no dental issue can be found then you may very likely have obvious Sinus Infection Symptoms. For me, the teeth always begin hurting before the cheeks or forehead.

This may not always be the case with everyone. A week or two after the teeth begin hurting, and if the sinus infection continues, the cheeks or forehead usually begin to hurt. Your Sinus cavities will begin to hurt the worse that your Sinus Infection Symptoms get. Your upper and lower jaws may begin to ache for no reason also.

For me, it’s the teeth more than the jaws, but this could be different for you. Other Sinus Infection Symptoms may include pressure around the eyes and near your ears. I seem to have the issue on the left cheek and the right cheek has never had an issue.

It could be that the sinus cavity is smaller or shaped funny and the normal drainage is not as good. You will definitely notice a feeling that something seems to be wrong. Your ability to taste may be affected; you may not be able to smell as well either. Some folks seem to experience bad breath when they have Sinus Infection Symptoms.

All of the Sinus Infections I have had have lasted up to three weeks when they really get going. I hate to say it but I have gone to many doctors when having Sinus Infection Symptoms and some of them do not know how to treat the infection.

In fact, I figured out how to relieve, mine on my own, as I was pacing the floor one night, and then ran to a local store. The same Infection Symptoms treatment may or may not work for you also. Unfortunately the doctors I went to did not help me much. You should always see your own doctor though, and I am hopeful they can help you better than mine did.

Final thoughts on battling Sinus Symptoms associated with Infection

How to spot Sinus Symptoms related to Infection, and what to do about it

Again, don’t leave your doctor out of the equation. They can sometimes be a big help and I would not put off seeing a doctor when Sinus Infection Symptoms take hold. In the next post, I will talk about what I tried and did not work, and what I tried on my own and had great results with. I hope this information was useful to you in evaluating your Sinus Infection Symptoms.

Sinus Infection Treatment when the Symptoms are evident

In battling an Infection there is no shortage of treatment options that are available. It is important to involve your doctor with any type of such Infection for Treatment options. As we discussed in the last post there can be many different causes for a Sinus Infection.

Your body could react to a particular Sinus Infection Treatment different from your neighbor. In a way, some of the Sinus Infection Treatment options must be tailored to the individual as you don’t know what the body’s reaction will be. A sinus infection could be on one or both sides of the sinus cavities.

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